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Identifying a violin bass
A first rough method of differentiating violin basses is the type of the body. It can be either a real hollowbody and might have any sort of sound hole(s), in most cases f-holes. A dirct access to bodies with sound holes you can find here. Or you find out, that it only looks like a hollowbody but turns out to be only a violin shaped solidbody.  These are listed here.

If you find some writing anywhere on your instrument, it might be the manufacturers name, the trading name or simply the dealers/distributors name.

If there is no significant name (notice: 'Japan' is not really a manufacturer) you still have the possibility to classify the bass by the form of its headstock (e.g. some of them have a scroll) and the arranging of the string tuners. You may find examples on the pale background picture of this page.

In case of a lacking writing on the instrument and an ambiguous headstock look you still have a chance to find out the origin of your bass guitar by comparing its body with those of well known instruments or by simply checking the instruments in the gallery.